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Here’s my tribute to you all from the Divine Source – An energy transmission that I have just recorded to remove the negative vibration from your aura and restore positive consciousness within your heart.

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Nikolaos P.

I have a physically demanding job with a huge telecommunication corporation that offers Internet, Phone and TV Service. I have a chronic pain in my right elbow. I am always upset with the manner in which jobs are assigned. I am given the heaviest workload and I produce 400% (as an average) more than the other employees. I know I overdo it, but they also give me the most difficult assignments. Yes, I solve them, but it is very frustrating.

I went to get a “deep cleaning” from Robert Tang and also attended a meet-up with Robert and Karen on the 10th and 11th of December, 2016. In the meet-up session Robert and Karen told us of the “Chaos” intensifying as the year ends. We ground, we are upgraded and we are prepared to just float through this period of “Chaos”. The next day, at work there is a huge technical chaos and all the phones and TV systems go down. Everyone is dealing with the chaos, except me. The entire day, I was only assigned Internet connections and that system was working just fine. I just floated through the easiest Internet connections. It wasn’t just a coincidence that for the first time ever, I was not given one TV hook-up. I wasn’t given anything that had to do with the technical chaos everyone, except myself, was dealing with.

At the meet-up Robert gave an example of while on tour in China, he ate something bad and had a terrible stomachache. He touched it, told the pain he loved it and it went away. I placed my hand on my chronic elbow pain and told it I loved it, just as Robert had explained. The pain just DISAPPEARED!

I THANK, Robert, the Divine, and all the angels and masters Robert calls upon to heal us.

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Robert Tang

Robert Tang

Robert is a healer and clairvoyant. He has been practicing holistic medicine and Feng Shui for over 22 years. He is the founder / director of Light Language School of Ascension to promote Light Language Healing and ascension process through the guidance of Light and Love. Robert facilitates Light Language Healing with Galactic Council and Spirits to perform private healing sessions. As a Light worker to prepare humanity for soul ascension, Robert travels around the world to conduct group healing events to activate and re-calibrate previously dormant human DNA in order to regenerate the higher consciousness of Light to prepare the 5th dimensional shift. Call us at 832-799-8545 or Email us at